Philipp Marxen

Summer in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Mainz

Back to the roots… back to Mainz and Frankfurt. Really enjoy the Rhein-Main area due to the friendly, open minded people, the great, warm weather in summer, the parks and third spaces, the gardens and parks and river fronts along the Rhine and Main rivers. Add to that a good public transport system that you … Read more


Summer 2023: Bansko. Bansko is a small town in the south-western corner of Bulgaria at about 1000 meters above sea level. In winter, the town gets a major tourism boost when residents of Sofia make the trip to Bansko for skiing in the Pirin mountains. In summer, digital nomads come here and it has become … Read more


Dakhla Lagoon

Find me in Dakhla in late 2022! Visiting Dakhla Wanna know how Dakhla is like?  I recently had the opportunity to visit the beautiful desert town of Dakhla in southwestern Morocco (which is disputed as it is also Western Sahara).  Dakhla is located on the Atlantic coast on a 45 km peninsula and is known … Read more