Philipp Marxen

CCX Frankfurt 2019

CCX Frankfurt 2019 September 21: 15.00 - 18.00

CCX Frankfurt 2019 WeWork Taunusanlage 8

Eva and I have started organizing the regional meetups of the CitizenCircle in late 2018. After getting together with others for a simple get-together twice in Frankfurt, we all decided that we need to do something more than meeting in a cafe or bar. Especially, since some of us come all the way from Bavaria or northern Hessen, from Heidelberg and Karlsruhe in the South, Bonn and Koblenz in the North and from the German French border in the west. 

We then organized the first meeting in new format at the Gutenberg Digital Hub in Mainz where I am a member and followed this with meetings in Frankfurt at wework where Eva is a member. 

Now looking forward to the first CCX Event! The (free) tickets got “sold out” in a day and we are very excited about the lineup of speakers and the attendees coming from all over Germany. More info on the CCX Frankfurt here.

Stay in touch if you want to get updates for other events.