Philipp Marxen

Taipei Cycle

One of the world’s most important cycling events took place in April in Taipei: The Taipei Cycle. It is a trade fair mostly targeting professional visitors and most of the companies that attend are suppliers and manufacturers of the cycling industry, but not many brand names. In other words, it is the innovation in parts … Read more

Kuching Salsa Night

Usually, I go to dance salsa for a night or two wherever I go. It is often one of the best ways to connect with friendly people and enjoy good music, dance and a good chat. Kuching, Sarawak doesn’t have a regular salsa night. That is unfortunate and I definitely wanted to change that. So … Read more

Picnic in the Park

Supporting a friend organise a get-together of artists, photographers, journalists, expats, tourists, explorers and others. The first get-together was beautiful! 20-30 people shared food, beverages and stories and we all had a good time. Now we hope we can continue this. Next, we might repeat this event in April in Kuala Lumpur. Stay tuned and … Read more

CCX Frankfurt 2019 Conference

Flying over Frankfurt

CCX Frankfurt 2019 CCX Frankfurt 2019 September 21: 15.00 – 18.00 CCX Frankfurt 2019 WeWork Taunusanlage 8 Eva and I have started organizing the regional meetups of the CitizenCircle in late 2018. After getting together with others for a simple get-together twice in Frankfurt, we all decided that we need to do something more than … Read more