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My Anki Progress Logbook

In this public document, I plan to update my progress in using Anki. Anki, is a spaced-repetition-software that helps learners retain information better. My memory

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My Area of Work

Tourism / MICE

Tourism based on community

We have become more mobile due to modern work and improvements in transportation systems. I am working on addressing the needs for mutual learning, growth and community and connecting across cultures and languages.
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Real Estate

Context Matters

Real Estate has been the trend of the last years. People try to go for "passive income" using lots of leverage. I am interested to explore new ways in the property sector. Let's focus on contextualizing properties and creating additional value.
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More than Maths

Visualising data of financial entreprises for better decision making.
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Currently working on...


MICE: remote specialist summit


dance, music and arts

Data Management

banking data

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Tourism + Real Estate



Tourism + Real Estate



Real Estate & Data Management